Thursday, 5 November 2015

How Rideshare Services are Changing the Way We Travel

With their efficiency and cost effectiveness, rideshare services are making a marked difference in the urban traffic pattern.

The overwhelming impression of any snapshot of the urban landscape of Delhi is jammed roads with rows and rows of cars. They line up at traffic crossings, at all major roads and at almost every nook and corner. Urban traveling can be nerve-racking at best. At its worst, during peak hours, it can be depressingly tedious.

The change
Given its overwhelming burden of automobiles, the Delhi government has worked actively to reduce the number of cars on Delhi roads. Rideshare services are an important part of this initiative. Shared cabs are almost like public transport where people share their ride, thus reducing automobiles on the road. One can think of it as carpooling where you share your ride with other passengers. The net result is the reduction of cars, both cabs and privately owned cars.

How to get one
The best part of rideshare services is that they are also easy and convenient. Thanks to technology, car-sharing services have come a long way. Today there are a number of apps that facilitate ridesharing. All you have to do is download an app on your phone and just start the process!
Usually, the apps work by connecting you to other commuters and cabs that are going your way. Where earlier you had little or no means of contacting other commuters, now it is as easy as clicking on your phone. Ridesharing apps have dramatically changed the scenario.

Safety first
Contrary to expectations, cab share services have actually made commuting safer in Delhi. With a number of safety features on their apps, these services have made a focused attempt for providing a safe ride. The apps work on maximum information sharing, providing detailed profile of drivers and commuters.

Rideshare services have clearly changed the way we travel in the Capital. They offer a convenient, fast and efficient means of travel that is now becoming increasingly popular. 

How to Find the Cheapest Cabs In Delhi

For those looking for cheapest cabs in Delhi, shared cabs offer the perfect solution. You can cut your cab fares and fuel costs, while helping save the environment at the same time. 

Who wouldnt mind finding the cheapest cabs in Delhi? Whether you are a struggling student or flush with cash, a good deal is great deal. But with rising fuel and living costs, this might seem pretty nigh impossible.

So, here we let you in our little secret: shared cabs! The genius of this idea lies in its simplicity. It offers you the comfort of a cab without the heavy expense involved. Let us see how it cuts your expenses:

Book Online Shared Taxi for a Fast and Smooth Ride

Commuters in Delhi now have an option to book an online shared taxi for fast and smooth ride. Shared taxis save time, money and effort.

Driving in Delhi can be nerve-racking for even the most seasoned traveller. The traffic is nerve-racking, the roads are jammed with cars and the distances often exhaustingly far. Given this scenario, what can be better than getting a ride to your destination of choice? Cab-sharing services offer just this service to commuters in the Capital.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Why Delhi Needs a Cab Sharing System

How many of us have spent endless hours in traffic jams? How many times have we cursed our overburdened public transport system? Delhi and its myriad transport problems have been the subject of much study and discussion. Not just Delhi, many big cities face similar problems today. Rising urban population and its resultant automobile population is one of the biggest challenges for the modern urban planners.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Cabshare Launches its Ride Sharing App

Cabshare launches its app to provide commuters in NCR with a free cab and auto sharing platform. The app is now available on Android stores.

Cabshare launched a pioneering ride-sharing service with its free mobile app in Delhi today. The app is available at the Android app store and will soon follow at the Windows and iTunes store. It gives a convenient access to commuters on-the-go in the NCR region.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Online Cab Services in Delhi

Booking a cab in Delhi and NCR is now just a click away. It’s a new and modern world with every day advancement seen on the technology front. So, why not have the option at your finger-tips with a mobile application for Taxi and Auto booking.

We, the daily commuters including children and women, are looking out for quicker, safer and cheaper options for making our daily travel as comfortable as possible. Stepping out of our house should not sound like a nightmare.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Safety measures while Cab Sharing

Cabsharing is a very unique concept that will, in no time, become a very popular mode of transport for daily commuters in Delhi NCR. This, along with becoming a quick and easy mode of public transport that is both convenient and economical.

Delhi NCR has definitely seen a rise in criminal activities since the last few years and thus choosing cabsharing can be mentally comforting for travellers and their families. CabShare controls your login profile with confidentiality and your contact number is passed on to only those whom you choose to share your ride with. The drivers are trusted and so are the taxi / cab service providers!

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

How Your Next Cab Ride Can Save the Environment and Your Budget

Shared cabs are fast emerging as an environmental friendly alternative to public transport in big cities. With their many economic benefits, shared Cabs in Delhi are here to stay.
A cab ride may seem like an unlikely way of saving the environment, but it is not as impossible as you may think. With shared cab rides now available for commuters in the NCR, you can now travel to work in comfort and not worry about your carbon footprints.

Rideshare, Safe and Cheap Cab or Taxi service in Delhi and NCR

Rideshare, Car-pool, sharing a cab or a taxi have all become very popular modes of transport for our daily commuters; like school children, office goers, students attending colleges, sports or tuition. With the increasing pace of life, there is now an ever increasing demand of new and innovative solutions like CabShare, to pace-up things for us.

Delhi is the Capital of India. It is the 2nd most populous city because of the vast urban expansion and this growth has gone beyond its boundaries to benefit the neighbouring towns in other states (referred to as NCR). It is the most polluted city in the World and owing to the air pollution it has a high death toll every year.

Monday, 21 September 2015

How Shared Cab Services in Delhi Promise Safe Ride for Women

With a number of innovative security features, cab services in Delhi are now targeting the growing population of women commuters. Sharing a ride is no longer a security threat.  

Until recently the idea of cab sharing in Delhi would seem foolhardy. Given the status of women security in the Capital, the idea was as good as asking for trouble. Luckily the internet has given us means that makes things safer and more efficient! Now you can get all the benefits of shared cabs with innovative security features.

Friday, 18 September 2015

How To Use Cabshare

If you are a first-time user, download the app. Register either with a unique sign in or through your Facebook login. Complete the verification of your mobile number. You are ready to search for a shared cab or to book a cab and share it with others.

Download the app from here –
App Download

Login with a unique sign in. Or, with your Facebook login.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Cab Sharing Cheaper and Safer Option of Delhi NCR

CabShare booking is very simple. You have to register once and then just search for the area for ride sharing.  You can send out a fresh request too. Others are free to accept or decline the cabshare option. This saves you time and money.

CabShare is a free ride sharing application that has been launched for the convenience of the commuters like office goers, students’ Delhi NCR.

It is very convenient to book and use, and is safe to board.

Booking is as simple as:
a) Register your e-mail address and your password

Monday, 7 September 2015


Instead of looking for taxi services and taxi booking, how about cab sharing and saving money? This not only promotes a cleaner environment but also is a win-win for all. Here are some more advantages of opting for CabShare.

CabShare is a very unique concept of ride sharing i.e. sharing the cab and its costs with others; very popular internationally, now being introduced in Delhi NCR.  It is a trustworthy, secure and convenient way of travelling while networking socially in registered cabs and with trusted people in your neighbourhood.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

You, Me & Cabshare

Welcome to Cabshare.....
We wanted to share with you the story of why we built Cabshare.
It emerged from the hardship we had faced, just as you do when you travel to another city or, in your daily commute or, the many times you take an auto or a cab – late nights, rainy days, emergencies, all those unpredictable days.
The year was 2006 and Rajan was based out of Mumbai. He was a frequent business traveller. And then his father fell ill in Chandigarh, and he found myself travelling to Chandigarh almost every weekend.
He was regularly taking cabs to and fro the airport in Delhi and Mumbai. Additionally, the commute between the airport and railway station in Delhi was a nightmare! It wasn’t long before Rajan began to think ‘what a waste’. It wasn’t just the fare he was thinking of, there was more than one aspect to this waste and we’ll come to that in a minute.
Soon after, Rajan moved to Gurgaon but his business travel continued. Gurgaon city travel was as painful as that of Mumbai. To make things worse, airports in Bangalore and Hyderabad shifted out of the city so that airport-to-hotel time doubled. In the beginning, Rajan didn’t notice it. We never do. When things get progressively more difficult or inconvenient, we tend to adjust ourselves to the new situation.
But, with the earlier thought of ‘what a waste’ already going through his mind, he couldn’t help noticing that it was a very long way from airport into the city, particularly in these two cities – and boring, if we may add. The first leg was open monotony after a couple of trips, more so if you land in the dark, and the second leg – the city stretch – well, the cab crept in bumper-to-bumper traffic. It was monotony and boredom of a different kind – of narrow, frustrating impatience.